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The PSIvet Heathcare Initiative

The PSIvet Healthcare Initiative is a practice-strengthening initiative that offers affordable, configurable employee benefit solutions developed specifically for the independent veterinary community.



“Ask your Vet about WünderPet!”

Premier Products Inc. is the leading no THC hemp CBD sold to veterinarians (WünderPet CBD brand) and medical professionals (MedUltra CBD brand) in the world.

WünderPet is exclusive to PSIvet members. In the retail world, veterinarians compete with Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, internet sales, etc. (Our largest competitor claims to sell through veterinarians only, but sells to the general public on their website.)

WünderPet is 100% dedicated to the independent veterinarian. The market is currently wide open for the independent veterinarian to capitalize on CBD. A study conducted with 1,200 dog owners showed 80% of companion pet owners will purchase their veterinarian’s recommendation. The survey also revealed that 93% were concerned with the ingredients and safety of CBD products, and 98% were unclear on how to dose their pet. WünderPet has a board of accessible practicing veterinarians with collectively over 100 years of experience.

The areas which make WünderPet the premium CBD for pets are:

1. WünderPet products have the highest level of independent testing. We test 14 different areas, when our competitors test for 3 or 4. Our tests are done on every lot through one of the two certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories in the world.

2. WünderPet is the only pet CBD company to receive the CBD Seal of Distinction awarded by the US CBD Manufacturer’s Association ( Less than 1% of all CBD companies can meet their rigid standards.

3. WünderPet CBD is cold CO2 processed. This is a much more expensive processing, that few companies use. Most companies use chemical processing like propane, butane, ethanol, and isopropyl.

4. WünderPet guarantees accurate verified CBD content in every bottle. WünderPet has on every bottle the size of the animal that applies to the mgs in the bottle.

5. WünderPet is produced in FDA compliant, clean room, pharmaceutical grade facilities, and has earned the Good Manufacturing Practices seal established by in-depth FDA inspections.

6. WünderPet is organic, non-GMO, all American grown and processed, and is guaranteed 99+ % pure.

7. WünderPet is the only CBD company that directly calls on veterinarians through its college intern program.

8. WünderPet follows FDA’s guidelines 100%. We have one of the largest CBD treat lines in the industry, but since the FDA outlawed all CBD treats, we will no longer sell them. (Our largest competitor still sells treats.) We are not going to put any veterinarian in a position to lose their license by selling treats.

9. WünderPet offers display options: examining room laminated sheets, brochures and other sales material to help the veterinarian.

10. WünderPet will be one of the highest contributors in gross sales and profit. The average veterinarian sale is $23,000 annually per DVM with an average mark-up of 70%. The average single veterinarian will make a profit of $16,100 per year. We offer an aggressive everyday 2.5% rebate, with the ability to earn 5% annual rebate on top of this.

11. We will feature blogs from our veterinarian board monthly dealing with the issues in the industry.

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