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The PSIvet Heathcare Initiative

The PSIvet Healthcare Initiative is a practice-strengthening initiative that offers affordable, configurable employee benefit solutions developed specifically for the independent veterinary community.



Scratchpay is a financial technology company dedicated to increasing accessibility to fair, affordable, and transparent medical financing. By providing simple, friendly payment plans to clients, Scratchpay has helped pet owners across the U.S. and Canada afford the care they need--even if they don’t have a spotless credit score. Driven by its award-winning technology, Scratchpay has become the fastest-growing financing provider in veterinary care, with its payment plans now offered in 9,000+ practices.

Scratchpay gives practices an easy, affordable, and low-risk way to provide care to more patients and boost revenue as a result. Signing up is free, requires no hardware or software, and includes no long term commitments. Scratchpay also guarantees funds on all approved payment plans and direct deposits the amount (minus a flat 5% provider fee) to its partners in as little as 2-3 business days. In a 2020 partner survey, 82% of practices reported having seen higher patient approval rates with Scratchpay than they did with any other provider.

Additionally, Scratchpay is client-friendly. Because it isn’t a credit card, checking or accepting plans won’t affect an applicant’s credit score. Some Scratchpay payment plans, such as Take 5, even have 0% APR financing to ensure patients can receive the care they need at no additional cost to them.

Scratchpay’s financing solution is also 100% digital and requires no physical contact to use. Clients can apply from the safety of their home or vehicle, new practices can be launched on the Scratchpay platform virtually, and no pen or paper is required at any stage of the payment process--allowing for seamless curbside service and telemedicine.

Scratchpay recently launched into categories of human health & wellness, including dental, vision, chiropractic care, physical therapy, audiology, weight loss, fertility, and more. This will help people afford fair, transparent medical financing in many categories where clients have historically been underserved.

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