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The PSIvet Heathcare Initiative

The PSIvet Healthcare Initiative is a practice-strengthening initiative that offers affordable, configurable employee benefit solutions developed specifically for the independent veterinary community.


Petlocity® is an award-winning platform that allows veterinarians to establish and promote pet wellness milestones for clients and reward their loyalty and compliance to customizable care standards.

The user-friendly portal allows practices to track client compliance with established health standards and monitor program participation. The practice staff can also engage their clients with multiple tools, including prescription requests, automated and customizable messaging, reminders and rewards. Daily integration between the PiMS and Petlocity’s cloud-based engine ensures timely and accurate data.

With the easy to use Petlocity app, clients can see and track their pet‘s progress toward meeting the recommended standards of care. Through a combination of continued loyalty and adherence to their veterinarian’s health recommendations, clients can attain status levels and get rewarded by their practice. Clients can also request appointments, refills, and message their clinics entirely within the app. For further peace of mind, clients have access to their pet health information that can be easily forwarded as needed through a variety of channels.

Visit the Petlocity website to learn more!

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