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The PSIvet Heathcare Initiative

The PSIvet Healthcare Initiative is a practice-strengthening initiative that offers affordable, configurable employee benefit solutions developed specifically for the independent veterinary community.


Who We Are
We are an innovative diagnostic lab and pharmaceutical company
Nextmune is the market leader in allergen-specific immunotherapy for over 30 years, in over 70 countries worldwide. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of diagnostics and treatment of allergies.

Evidence-based innovation is vital for Nextmune.

We are the first company to take a holistic approach to allergy – prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Taking a holistic approach is a prerequisite for superior allergy relief. Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. Our business’ success is powered by the idea of taking specialty veterinary medicine to a new level.

Proud partner of veterinarians, pet parents and horse owners for over 30 years.

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